IPL 2014 Schedule, Time Table and Venue

Date  Match No    Venue    Match          Time 
16.4.14     1 Abu Dhabi MI vs KKR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
17.4.14     2 Sharjah DD vs RCB 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
18.4.14     3 Abu Dhabi CSK vs KXIP 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT | 14.30 local
18.4.14     4 Abu Dhabi SRH vs RR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
19.4.14     5 Dubai RCB vs MI 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT | 14.30 local
19.4.14     6 Dubai KKR vs DD 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
20.4.14     7 Sharjah RR vs KXIP 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
21.4.14     8 Abu Dhabi CSK vs DD 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
22.4.14      9 Sharjah KXIP vs SRH 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
23.4.14    10 Dubai RR vs CSK 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
24.4.14    11 Sharjah RCB vs KKR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
25.4.14    12 Dubai SRH vs DD 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT | 14.30 local
25.4.14    13 Dubai CSK vs MI 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
26.4.14    14 Abu Dhabi RR vs RCB 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT | 14.30 local
26.4.14    15 Abu Dhabi KXIP vs KKR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
27.4.14    16 Sharjah DD vs MI 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT | 14.30 local
27.4.14    17 Sharjah SRH vs CSK 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
28.4.14    18 Dubai RCB vs KXIP 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
29.4.14    19 Abu Dhabi KKR vs RR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
30.4.14    20 Dubai MI vs SRH 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT | 18.30 local
2.5.14   21 Ranchi CSK vs KKR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
3.5.14   22 Mumbai MI vs KXIP 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
3.5.14   23 Delhi DD vs RR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
4.5.14   24 Bangalore RCB vs SRH 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
5.5.14   25 Ahmedabad RR vs KKR 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
5.5.14   26 Delhi DD vs CSK 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
6.5.14   27 Mumbai MI vs RCB 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
7.5.14   28 Delhi DD vs  KKR 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
7.5.14   29 Cuttack KXIP vs CSK 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
8.5.14    30 Ahmedabad RR vs SRH 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
9.5.14   31 Bangalore RCB vs KXIP 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
10.5.14   32 Delhi DD vs  SRH 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
10.5.14   33 Mumbai MI vs  CSK 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
11.5.14   34 Cuttack KXIP vs  KKR 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
11.5.14   35 Bangalore RCB vs  RR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
12.5.14   36 Hyderabad SRH vs MI 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
13.5.14   37 Ranchi CSK vs RR 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
13.5.14   38 Bangalore RCB vs DD 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
14.5.14   39 Hyderabad SRH vs KXIP 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
14.5.14   40 Kolkata KKR vs MI 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
15.5.14   41 Ahmedabad RR vs DD 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
18.5.14   42 Chennai CSK vs RCB 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
18.5.14   43 Hyderabad SRH vs KKR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
19.5.14   44 Ahmedabad RR vs MI 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
19.5.14   45 Delhi DD vs KXIP 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
20.5.14   46 Hyderabad SRH vs RCB 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
20.5.14   47 Kolkata KKR vs CSK 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
21.5.14   48 Mohali KXIP vs MI 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
22.5.14   49 Kolkata KKR vs RCB 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
22.5.14   50 Chennai CSK vs SRH 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
23.5.14   51 Mumbai MI vs DD 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
23.5.15   52 Mohali KXIP vs RR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
24.5.14   53 Bangalore RCB vs CSK 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
24.5.14   54 Kolkata KKR vs SRH 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
25.5.14   55 Mohali KXIP vs DD 16.00 IST | 10.30 GMT
25.5.14   56 Mumbai MI vs RR 20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
27.5.14 Qualifier 1  Chennai  TBD vs TBD  20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
28.5.14 Eliminator  Chennai  TBD vs TBD  20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
30.5.14 Qualifier 2  Mumbai  TBD vs TBD  20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
1.6.14 FINAL  Mumbai  TBD vs TBD  20.00 IST | 2.30 GMT
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Pacquiao Beats Bradley, Reclaims WBO Welterweight Title

EFT Report: The inevitable that was waiting to happen has happened, Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao has reclaimed back his WBO Welterweight title from Tim Bradley by unanimous points decision today and in the process handing Bradley his first defeat. The bout at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas watched by over screaming 15,600 fans ended with the judges scoring; 116-112, 116-112 and 118-112 all in favour of the PacMan.

Pacquiao Beats Bradley, Reclaims WBO Welterweight Title
Pacquiao Beats Bradley, Reclaims WBO Welterweight Title

The Filipino ring icon and Fighter of the Decade now stand at 56-5 with 2 drawn.
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'Mad Men' Season 6 on STAR World Premiere HD From April 12-13

'Mad Men' Season 6 on STAR World Premiere HD From April 12-13
'Mad Men' Season 7
Report by Santanu Ganguly: Star World Premiere HD has announced that they will air the sixth season of the iconic TV series on April 12 an April 13, prior to the premiere of the seventh season, which will air on April 14. The channel offers its viewers a great opportunity to catch up on the last season before they take a plunge into the season premiere of the epic drama about one of New York's most prestigious Advertising agencies. The first episode of the season will air on the channel a mere 12 hours after its US premiere. 
The TV series, set in the 60’s has garnered a cult following over the years.  In the last 6 seasons, the series has covered a lot of the 1960s and will now enter a new decade. As fans wait with bated breath to know what season 7 holds for Draper and the company,  they can prep themselves for the first part of the final run by watching the sixth season again on Star World Premiere HD.
 While the 14th of April might seem too long a time to wait for the show that’s kept audiences glued to their screens for over 7 years, it’s a great time to catch up on the previous season of the hit show. So relive the ‘MADness’ of the epic show with the season six marathon on 12th and 13th April and the premiere of the seventh season on 14th April only on Star World Premiere HD.
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Pictorial Coffee Table Book on Md. Rafi 'World of Rafi'

Report by Santanu Ganguly: After the great success of the first biography (Title: Meri Awaz Suno) of legendary singer Mohammad Rafi, Sachi Prakashan will publish a pictorial coffee table book on Mohammad Rafi Sahab and the world of melody created by his unforgettable songs. 

This book, titled “World of Rafi/Rafi Ka Sansar – A Voyage into the Melodious World of Mohammad Rafi" will be a collection of selected articles (with pictures) on the different aspects of the life and songs of Rafi, different shades of his personalities and his fan followings. Articles will be written by well know musicologists and Film Journalists/Writers like Music Promoter and Chairman of Sakha Mr. Amarjit Singh Kohli, Senior journalist Pankaj Vohra, well know writer and Film critique Mr. Zia Usslam, Senior Film journalist B B Nagpal, Founder Rafi Foundation Mr. Binu Nair, Musicologist Mr. R P Sinha, Writer of the Biography of Mohammad Rafi and Naushad Mr. Choudhary Zia Imam, former editor of Nav Bharat Times Vishnu Khare, Film Critique Jawari Mal Parakh and a number of devoted Rafi fans like P Narayan, GB Mathur, Sanjeev Kumar Dixit, Umesh Makheeja and many others.

This book will contain directory of Rafi Fans; Organizations/Memorial Clubs, Fan Clubs/ Groups with their introduction/pictures/address and contact details. This book will be published by Sachi Prakashan, who has published the first biography of  Mohammad Rafi.

There will be more than 400 pages with a number of colored and B/W pictures of Mohammad Rafi. If anybody wants to write article, please let me know. It will be better to discuss the subject before writing the article.

"We are planning to release the Book before or on the death anniversary of Mohammad Rafi Sahab in a function organized in New Delhi," said Vinod Viplav, of Rafi Foundation.

Rafi Fans are expected to place order for the book in advance. Please inform other Rafi Fans about this venture. You may send your details with your picture, Address, contact details and your experience about Rafi and his music.
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Premia India Runway Week SE 2014 by IFFD From April 16

Report by Santanu Ganguly, New Delhi: Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) is arranging the second season of PREMIA INDIA RUNWAY WEEK SE 2014. After a successful Season 1, it's a pleasure for us to announce the dates for Season 2, which would be held from April 16-182014 at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. 
This season, IFFD is taking the runway week to a different height all together with more young designers getting an opportunity to showcase their talent via this platform.
Celebrities like Gauhar Khan, Delnaaz Irani, Huma Quereshi, Shibani Kashyap, Mahima Chaudhary, Mugda Ghodsey,  Urvashi Routella, Ashmit Patel are expected to attend at the event as show stoppers for various designers. Choreographer of the shows would be Liza Verma and Shakir Sheikh.
Fashion is not only to make an individual more elegant, but also to reassure them, give them confidence. In fact, true style is a way to say who one is without having to speak, because as actress Audrey Hepburn once said, elegance is the only beauty that never fades. 
As the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen said: "It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together." 
But designers of today are also conscious that soon as a fashion is universal, it is out of date. They are therefore constantly designing and burning the midnight oil to come up with new ideas. 
Realizing the important role that established fashion designers can play in this, the Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) was set up to expose the younger and newer designers to the best in the world of fashion. 
And with this in mind, the Indian Federation for Fashion Development(IFFD) has slated the second edition of Asia’s youngest fashion trade event, the Premia India Runway Week Summer Edition (PIRW SE 2014) from April 16 to 18, 2014, at the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi.
The Premia India Runway Week will provide a platform created for the designers of tomorrow to showcase their talent in an industry event that will target domestic and international buyers and media.
The participants in the fashion shows are themselves a virtual who’s who of those who design all the latest styles that become fashion statements. They include Sonia Jetley, Shruti Sancheti, Asif Merchant, Rajdeep Ranawat, Swati Modo, Niket & Jannee, Stylion by Manish Gupta, Rosy Ahluwalia, Sandip & Anju Chanana, Ramesh Dembla, Pluss by Sandeep Aggarwal, AUM by Nishu Jain, Aashna Vikrant, Shivani Singh, Akaash K Aggarwal, Charas by Ankur & Sonia, Kavita Gogna, Ritu Chhabra, and Crescent by Faraz Manan.
While Premia is the Title Sponsor, Shree Rajmahal is the Associate Sponsor, and Audi is the Automobile Partner. 
The show and exhibition space will provide these designers a dynamic platform to interact and develop lucrative business-driven relationships with the domestic and international industry as well as celebrities who are known for their fashion statements, and opinion leaders.
The Indian Federation for Fashion Development will arrange runway shows and premiere fashion content that enables the connoisseurs of the latest in fashion to discover new and innovative ideas.
Speaking on the occasion of announcement of the dates, IFFD Director Avinash Pathania said, “PIRW is a young platform for young designers to showcase their exquisite collections to bulk and retail buyers, media, and fashion connoisseurs.”
Kiran Kheva (Director, IFFD) added “After a very successful first edition, we are looking forward to an even more successful second edition of summer collection. The second edition Of PIRW shall witness a different scale of creative canvas and a new dimension to the business and establishing PIRW as a distinctive brand in Indian fashion industry."
Tarun Shienh, Managing Director of the Premia Group said, “You live only once. So friends lets live this life in grand style at PREMIA INDIA RUNWAY WEEK where fashion meets talent. Let’s make it large.”
Pradeep Goel, MD Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers, the Associate sponsors of the event quips, "We intend to promote the Indian Fashion Industry and upcoming designers by providing a large platform like 'Premia India Runway Week' that can create a milestone for Industry as well as Shree Raj Mahal Group. We are honoured to be a part of this event, and consider it a unique opportunity for us to bring together the Indian Jewellery and Fashion Industry."
About IFFD
The IFFD provides an opportunity for fashion industry members, both new and old, to create networks that will facilitate action and inspire industry growthprovide a platform for both established and upcoming talented designers, and also introduces fresh designers to showcase their collections. This gives them excellent business opportunities from both bulk and retail buyers. It also facilitates exchange of ideas and networking interactions between designers, buyers and affiliates.
The event provides an enriching experience for everyone. Each season of the PIRW promises magnificent creations, original ideas and spectacular showcasing.
Show Timings: 
16th April 2014 - 5 PM, 7 PM & 9 PM
17th & 18th April 2014 - 3 PM, 5 PM, 7 PM & 9 PM 
Exhibition Area: 11.30 AM - 7 PM All 3 days.
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Coca-Coca U-16 Cricket Cup Inter-State Challenge 2014 From April 14

Report by Santanu Ganguly, Mumbai: Initiative to promote grassroots cricket and identify promising cricketing talent from the Country. Partnership takes forward Coca-Cola India’s commitment to promote a sporting culture and healthy active living in the country. Inter-State challenge to begin on April 14, 2014 in MumbaiCricket India Academy (CIA) to provide the coaching program and expertise for the coaching camp and team for the second year in a row. Twenty-four of the best players from the Inter-state challenge to be shortlisted for an intensive coaching camps. Entire program is mentored by Saba Karim.
After eight months of intense cricketing action covering 820 schools in 66 districts across ten states and involving the participation of close to 12,500 young cricketers, ten of India’s top cricket playing school teams have now qualified for the intense inter-state challenge of the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup for Under-16 Boys. The talented players will now pit their skills against each other in the Inter-State Challenge of one of the country’s largest Inter-School Cricket championships, which will be played across seven venues in Mumbai beginning April 14, 2014.
The commencement of the Inter-State leg was announced in the city on Friday by Dilip Jayram, CEO, Procam International, in the presence of Shrikant Tigdi, MCA and P.N. Sankaran, Procam International.
Al. Barkat Malik M. I. English School has emerged the champion school from Mumbai and will open their campaign against DAV Sr. Sec. School, Chandigarh at Hindu Gymkhana ground on April 14.
The other champion schools in the fray are Sports College, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), St. Johns Jr. College, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Salwan Boys Sr. Sec. School, Rajendra Nagar (Delhi), Shreyas Samarpan Vidyalaya, Baroda (Gujarat), AVR E Techno School, Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), Debinagar K.C.R. Vidyapith, Uttar Dinajpur (West Bengal), Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai (Tamil Nadu), and Kiddys Corner Higher Secondary School, Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh).
The ten teams will be divided into two groups of five each and league matches will be played till April 20 at the following grounds: Hindu Gymkhana, Islam Gymkhana, Mahalaxhmi Ground (WR), Trombay, HPCL Ground, Police Gymkhana and RCF. The top two teams of each group will play the semi-finals on April 19, followed by the grand final on April 20..
Intensive Seven-day Coaching Clinic: Twenty-four of the best players from the Inter-State Leg of the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup will be picked for a seven-day coaching clinic to be conducted from 21st – 27th April 2014. -The clinic will be conducted by veteran Cricket India Academy coaches like Anthony Adam.
Following the week-long clinic, the Coca-Cola XI will be selected to play a three-match series against an international under 16 team in the month of June.
Speaking on the occasion, said, Sumanta Datta, CBO-Company Bottling Operations, INSWABU, said, “It gives me great pleasure today to kick-start the Inter-State challenge for the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup. Coca-Cola India has had a long association of supporting grassroots sports in India. We strongly believe that it is at this level where encouragement and guidance is required to boost participation and develop successful players. We look forward to an exciting season with some of the best teams from across the country. I wish everyone the best of luck for the upcoming challenge.”
P.N. Sankaran, Procam International, said, “We are thrilled to have come to the concluding and challenging Inter-State Leg of this year’s Coca-Cola U-16 Cricket Cup. At each juncture of the event, we came across some excellent talent across the length and breadth of India. It has been a matter of great pride and joy to partner Coca-Cola in this immensely satisfying and unique endeavour. We wish the participating teams the very best for the final leg”.
Speaking about the initiative, Saba Karim, former Test cricketer and Chief Mentor of the initiative said, “Youngsters studying in schools across the country continue to amaze us with their passion, knowledge and talent when it comes to cricket. Through the Cup, it is our endeavour to spot cricket aptitude and nurture it in the right manner in order to give the nation the players it needs in the future.”
The Inter-State Leg will help crown the champion Under-16 cricket playing school team in the country. Following the tournament, 24 of the best players will be shortlisted for an intensive seven-day coaching clinic to be conducted by Cricket India Academy coaches. The coaching clinic will serve as catalyst in identifying the final Coca-Cola XI, who will play a three-match series against an international under 16 team. The Champion school of the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup will we awarded a cash prize worth Rs.1,00,000 while the runner-up school team will be awarded Rs 70,000 in addition to individual awards for excellence.
Cricket India Academy (CIA), the cricket division of Sports Education Development India Limited (CEDIL) is continuing to provide the coaching program and expertise for the coaching camp and team selection at the Coca-Cola U16 Cricket Cup for the second year in a row. With renowned Indian cricketer Pravin Amre as Coach Director, CIA was established in 2009 with a focus on modern coaching methodologies to provide the most effective learning environment to produce champions of tomorrow.
The academy seeks to further develop this important program to ensure a thorough and transparent selection process helps select 24 of the best players. It also seeks to provide coach education and training support to the coaches of each winning state school. Apart from this, the CIA will also provide a high performance training experience and environment for the national squad chosen from the national championship and select the under-16 team to play an International Series once the Cup concludes.
The Coca-Cola Cricket Cup is an initiative undertaken by Coca-Cola India as part of its commitment to promote a sporting culture and healthy active living in the country and is being promoted by Procam International, India’s largest sports and leisure Management Company.
The Coca-Cola Intra-State Challenge will be played in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (all 13 districts), Punjab (eight districts), Baroda, Tamil Nadu (Chennai + 8 districts), West Bengal (Kolkata + 18 districts), Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow, Kanpur & Allahabad), and Madhya Pradesh (4 districts). The format of the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup has been structured to begin with the Intra-State Challenge. The centers that have more than one city or district will play their own inter-district before one winner emerges from each center. The winners from the ten centers will feature in the Inter-State Challenge.
BCCI over the past several years has done a tremendous job of enhancing the growth of cricket in India. They have done so by adopting a result oriented approach of organising age group tournaments all over the country through their state associations.
This has helped immensely in carving out talented individuals on a regular basis. Most of these cricketers have moved ahead and have brought laurels for their states and the country.
Seeing the vast potential and growing popularity of this game, Coca-Cola India has a vision of facilitating BCCI in their quest to tap talent. We believe that the future of Indian cricket lies in these young talented budding cricketers. We intend to provide a perfect opportunity and platform to all the youngsters across the country to showcase their talent, skill and equally important, pride and loyalty to their school. It gives BCCI and their affiliated state units a brilliant arena to scout for potential match winners.
We hope that this initiative will serve as an ideal platform to identify and nurture young talented cricketers for them to be able to get noticed by the state associations and BCCI to represent the country on an International level.
Coca-Cola in India refreshes millions of consumers throughout the country with an exciting range of beverages including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Thums Up, Fanta, Limca, Sprite, Maaza, Maaza Milky Delite, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange, Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh, Minute Maid Mixed Fruit, Minute Maid Apple, Georgia, Georgia Gold, Kinley, Kinley Club Soda, Burn and Nestea through a network of more than one million outlets. The company has invested more than US$ 1 billion in its Indian operations, emerging as one of the country's top international investors. The Coca-Cola system in India employs more than 25,000 people directly. 
In 1988, with a vision to provide a more holistic spend to the advertising rupee and a burning desire to ameliorate the prevailing professional standards for sportsmen, Anil and Vivek B. Singh created Procam International.
Procam International is today a full-fledged sports management company, involved in the promotion of national and international sporting events, sports consultancy and live television programming.
Procam International has based its corporate philosophy on an open culture, with an emphasis on values and integrity. Procam International has promoted and conducted over 45 world events, which have elicited player participation of the highest caliber, as well as huge public interest.
The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and the TCS World 10K in Bangalore are three of the most prestigious distance running events in the world. This has established Procam International as the leading sports events creator in India. Its professionalism, attention to detail and dedication has won it the faith of its sponsors and partners.
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‘Centrestage: Inside the Narendra Modi Model of Governance’ Book Launch

Report by Santanu Ganguly: ‘Centrestage: Inside the Narendra Modi Model of Governance’ by Uday Mahurkar will be released at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on Thursday April 17, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. This is a defining book on Narendra Modi’s model of governance. It triggers questions like: Is Narendra Modi’s government innovative and free of vote-bank politics? How did Narendra Modi bring 24-hour, three-phase domestic power supply to 18,000 villages in Gujarat? How did Modi turn the forlorn Kutch into a top tourist destination? 
One of the most hotly debated topics in this general elections has been the development and governance of Narendra Modi’s government in Gujarat. In Centrestage, Uday Mahurkar tries to present a balanced assessment of Narendra Modi’s government by uncovering and analyzing the Modi mantra of governance. With chapters on energy, technology, agriculture, finance, innovation to name a few, Mahurkar aims at understanding and revealing the ground reality through facts and research beyond the media hype. Has Gujarat really made progress under Narendra Modi? Is Narendra Modi really a visionary and a good administrator? ReadCentrestage to find out and get an insider’s view of Narendra Modi’s governance from a man who has followed him closely for the past three decades. 
Uday Mahukar has been following the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate - Narendra Modi’s career since 1986. He is a senior editor with India Today magazine and a political analyst, based in Ahmedabad. Uday has seen the rise of the political phenomenon called Narendra Modi from the day he entered BJP from the RSS in 1986–87 and was the first to predict Modi’s present rise and transformation as a nation-wide developmental icon in 2007. Over the years, he has studied Modi’s development vision and programs in detail and at a close range. 
The book will be released by Arun Purie. We will have also have Dr. Bibek Debroy, Dr Surjit Bhalla and Mr Sunil Alagh joining us for the panel discussion. Mr Sandeep Bamzai will be the moderator for the discussion.
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